Beginning the Design Process

As you start the design process, you'll want to select a series of photos that visually convey your story. For best results, you should select

12 - 15 photos for a Photo Keepsakes

20 - 25 images for a Wedding Montages

Up to 35 images for Travel & Corporate Montages, and other large groups or events

These are suggested quantities; you may submit as many photos as you wish, but images created from more than 35 photos, will incur an additional charge of ten dollars per extra photo.

Choosing Your Images

Before we begin to design your image, we work together to determine the significance of the photos you have selected. Each custom image requires four categories of importance, and your designer discuss the significance of each photo with you, and create a schematic of the image. There are also additional details employed for all Wedding, Travel and Corporate Montages, which will be addressed as we review your photos together.

Proofs and Approval

All photographs are corrected for color and any imperfections before the design process begins.

You will be sent a JPEG file via email as your custom image is formulated; you will be able to make major changes at this time. When your custom image is about 80% complete, another JPEG file will be emailed to you; at this time you will be able to make minor changes. The third JPEG file you will receive is the completed image; this is the file that will go to the printer.

On the final copy, all corrections should be completed at this point but if slight adjustments are needed, they will be done before the image goes into the print process and again a JPEG file will be sent to you for final approval.