The Printing Process

Your customized Photo Keepsake or Photo Montage can be printed on three materials: photographic paper, watercolor paper or canvas.

Photographic Paper

With our photographic printer, which is a wet chemistry machine, we are constantly changing the paper, chemistry, and software - color is calibrated and monitored daily. Our high quality printer with long lasting inks is state of the art technology, along with personalized service, provides our customers with accurate and consistent results. Portrait paper with a luster finish is used in this printing process.

Watercolor Paper

Keepsakes and Montages printed on our watercolor paper are considered fine-art prints, also be called giclée prints (pronounced "Zhee-clay"). Giclée prints are produced on one of many types of printers, and have incredible tonal range, detail, and colorfastness. This watercolor paper has the subtle texture of an etching paper and a soft white tone. It is mould-made and inherently acid free, appealing characteristics that artists have enjoyed for over 400 years. This is the heaviest watercolor paper we offer, giving the final print a substantial feel.


Our high quality, pigment ink, long fade resistance and photo quality printer is used for printing our Canvas Keepsakes and Montages. From posters to photos, maps to fine art, this printer delivers exceptional print speeds with outstanding image quality and durability. And with an embedded spectrophotometer and Vivera inks, you get accurate and consistent color every time you print. The finest professional canvas an watercolor material is used in this printing process.

Printing Time

Please allow 1 - 2 weeks from the time the file goes into the printing stage for the completed print. Rush order can be completed in a 24-hour time frame, but there is a significant up charge for this timely printing.